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Posted by Amanda

To say that childbirth changes your life may very well be the understatement of the century, if not history. Moms, you know what I’m talking about. There’s literally nothing on earth and no person in existence that can prepare you for the mental, emotional and physical changes that take place after giving birth. Even now, well over a year after having my baby, I can’t say that I’ve “recovered” because honestly, it just doesn’t feel like the right word. My journey hasn’t been about salvaging or returning to a previous life. It’s been about re-emerging as a new me: myself, as a mother.

For all intents and purposes, I consider myself a planner — not an obsessive one, but a planner nonetheless. I love to-do lists. I used to carry a day planner everywhere I went. I’m the type of person who likes to be prepared for things and to know what I’m getting myself into. But on the precipice of such a momentous event — materializing a HUMAN BEING out of my body — I knew that I needed to go in with a certain level of trust and flexibility. For this reason, I consciously decided not to have a birth plan.

I had spoken to so many mothers who had planned every detail, and when things didn’t go as expected, they felt a great sense of fear or failure. I couldn’t stomach setting myself up for that kind of disappointment. Plus, the I-know-more-than-my-OB-GYN attitude was really unappealing to me, so I skipped the books and opinions and decided to trust the people I had chosen to take care of me. My doctor. My husband. And my family. I placed my wellbeing in their hands and willfully released control.
Hours into labor, I was given the choice to either keep pushing or have an episiotomy. With my newfound go-with-the-flow approach, I told my doctor to snip away because I was beyond ready to have that baby. Just to clarify: that was me agreeing to have someone cut part of my “vagina” to get this kid out. That’s no small commitment. But low and behold, with a scissor and one more push, our Sonny was born.

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Posted by Amanda

At this year’s MTV Video Music Awards, a few of the cast members from MTV reality show The Hills reunited on the red carpet and revealed what many Hills fans had been hoping for, for along time: the series was getting a reboot along with a brand new name, The Hills: New Beginnings.

The Hills ran for six seasons before coming to an end in 2010, and although it’s been eight years, many devoted fans had always held hope that MTV would bring the beloved, drama-filled series back, and as many are now aware, their wish was granted.

One of the original cast members signing on for New Beginnings is Whitney Port, and while she may still look the same, Port, 33, is now a married woman with an adorable 1-year-old son, Sonny Sanford.

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Posted by Amanda

Whitney Port recently filmed an episode of Whats Up Moms, she shared on her Instagram today.

Need some suggestions for the BEST baby gifts? Well, I recently filmed an episode of @whatsupmoms w/ @lizzymathis & we have tons of suggestions for you! Head to their YouTube page to watch the video! Here’s the link too: https://youtu.be/toIWVBi3Ul0

Watch the video below!

Posted by Amanda

While some women may enjoy every moment of pregnancy, Whitney Port had quite the Hill to climb during her mom-to-be days.

“Pregnancy was hard for me — I mean, [in] my first trimester, I was extremely nauseous,” the 33-year-old former reality star told PEOPLE’s Celeb Parents Get Real. “So I just was losing it every single day.”

“And then the second trimester comes and you start to put on weight and so you have a bunch of body-image issues,” she explains. “And then the third trimester comes and you feel extremely uncomfortable because you’re so enormous and you’re scared about your life change.”

Port and husband Tim Rosenman — who married in November 2015 — welcomed their first child, Sonny Sanford, on July 27 of last year.

If the mother of one could offer any advice to a pregnant woman, it would be to “have patience” and know that the more challenging aspects of new parenthood eventually do get easier.

“Phases are really short, like the difficulty-with-breastfeeding phase and then the teething phase and then the crawling phase,” Port says. “These things seem really overwhelming the first year, but just as they start is kind of as quick as they end.”

If the fashion designer and author had to choose a single proudest moment of parenting her son, it would be how quickly she and Rosenman were able to get Sonny to snooze well.

“We only really had to sleep train for one night,” Port reveals. “Sleep training is a difficult thing that parents really dread and for Sonny, we only had to really enact this certain routine for one night and then he was able to sleep 12 hours a night.”

“I felt like that was a huge mission: accomplished moment,” she adds. “People are very jealous I have a good sleeper.”

Source: People.com

Posted by Amanda

Whitney Port is giving her fans major Hills nostalgia with her recent Instagram Story video. On Friday, the 33-year-old fashion designer posted a video to social media that shows her singing along to the theme song for The Hills, Natasha Bedingfield’s “Unwritten.”

Whitney is singing along to the song in the car when she tells her baby boy Sonny, “Sonny, this is mama’s song.” The MTV alum posted the video on the eighth anniversary of the show’s series finale.

Source: E!Online

Posted by Amanda

Recently Whitney Port and her busband enjoyed a sunny vacation in Italy. Whitney shared a video on Youtube about their trip to Italy.

We were invited to a best friends wedding in Prague so we decided to make a whole trip out of it and go see Italy since I had never been! It was a DREAM vacation. We hadn’t really taken one in a couple years and decided to go sans Sonny. Ofelia, our beloved nanny and my mom, sisters and brother in law took on Sonny and did an amazing job. Supposedly Sonny even got a little sick and they didn’t tell me because they knew I would worry too much. They handled it like champs and I am eternally grateful to have them! Anyways, we saw all the sights, wandered, ate, shopped, relaxed, swim, etc. and it was just blissful! Enjoy the highlights from our trip and head to my blog WHITNEYPORT.COM tomorrow for Rome recommendations and my vacay outfit details~ xoxo