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Whitney Port was spotted films at Alfred Coffee on Melrose Place in West Hollywood on July 30, 2019.

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Candids > 2019 > Out In West Hollywood – July 30, 2019

Whitney Port recently took to Instagram to share some very heartbreaking news surrounding her recent miscarriage.

She shares on Instagram:

This is really hard for me to write. Two weeks ago, I had a miscarriage. The amount of various emotions I felt in the past couple weeks have been extreme…from shock to sadness to relief, which then led to guilt for feeling that relief. My identity has been shaken in regards to who as a mom and human being. I’m currently in the process of learning to accept that my feelings are valid no matter what they are. Whether or not people feel the same way as me or not. They are my personal emotions that are the result from my own journey. The video above is a glimpse into the story and coming to terms with how I feel. I welcome anyone to share their stories or feelings. I want my platform to be an open place where we can share difficult conversations. To see more of this video click the link in my bio. and to hear the full conversation visit my podcast #WITHWHIT

I first didn’t want to share this news on the website, but it is reality for so many woman. I feel devastated so see Whitney so sad. We love you Whit <3

Whitney Port attended The Create & Cultivate Self Care Summit In Los Angeles on July 20, 2019.

The 34-year-old reality television star rocked a gorgeous Rebecca Vallance dress as she joined the star-studded event which explored the benefits of balance at the incredible Hudson Loft downtown.

Whitney looked fabulous in the long-sleeved dress which featured layers of whimsical fabric cut short to reveal her long legs.

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Public Appearances > 2019 > The Create & Cultivate Self Care Summit In Los Angeles – July 20, 2019

No rush! Whitney Port and her husband, Tim Rosenman, aren’t ready to add another baby to their brood just yet.

Celebrities Who Had Babies Back-to-Back
“Physically, [my first pregnancy] was totally healthy,” the Hills alum, 34, told Us Weekly exclusively on Thursday, June 6, while promoting Betadine Topical Antiseptic and FirstAidMyths.com Opens a New Window. . “I had morning sickness and whatever but it wasn’t … like I was scared or the doctor told me something wrong. Luckily, everything was fine. The morning sickness was tough and the thought of losing myself was, I think, the scary part, but I feel like I do want to give Sonny a sibling.”

The reality star added: “I don’t know when that will be. I’m hoping one day I’ll wake up and be like, ‘OK, I’m ready,’ so I don’t have to be torn about it.”

‘The Hills’ Stars: Then and Now
The True Whit author went on to say that there is never going to be the “perfect time” to welcome another child when you’re “really passionate about a career.”

“If I got pregnant right now, it wouldn’t be such great timing,” Port told Us. “We have a lot of travel, and [The Hills: New Beginnings] is launching, and I’m so busy. What if I do get morning sickness again for the first four months and I can’t do what I set out to do? I definitely think about that.”

The TV personality and her husband welcomed Sonny in July 2017. “No big deal, but I created another human being and then delivered him into the world at 12:30am Thursday morning,” the Los Angeles native wrote on her blog at the time. “Timmy and I named the little man Sonny and I’m in love. … I love him and feel protective over him, but more than anything, I’m just, like, obsessed. I can’t stop looking at him or thinking about him when I am in another room.”

Now, Sonny is almost 2 and keeping his mom busy, which is why Port loves Betadine. “[It’s] is basically an antiseptic cream, and it helps prevent infection before it has a chance to start,” she told Us. “I keep it in my bag with me at all times because Sonny is almost 2, and he’s a curious little boy, running around. It seems every couple days, he has a new little boo-boo.”

Source: USWeekly

Hi guys! I have added more Public Appearances photos of Whitney from 2010 to the gallery. Enjoy!

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Public Appearances > 2010 > Inaugural Junior Spring Benefit – May 10, 2010
Public Appearances > 2010 > Nylon’s Young Hollywood Event – May 12, 2010
Public Appearances > 2010 > The Hills Season Four Finale Party – July 13, 2010
Public Appearances > 2010 > At Sugar Factory – July 24, 2010

Yesterday (June 19, 2019) was the The Hills New Beginnings Premiere Party at Liaison Restaurant And Lounge in Hollywood.

Whitney was looking absolutely stunning wearing a black floral jumpsuit with several transparent sections.

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Public Appearances > 2019 > The Hills New Beginnings Premiere Party – June 19, 2019